Are you thinking about your honeymoon trip but you have not yet decided on a specific destination? Today we give you 5 ideas for fantastic trips. We know that after so many months of preparation, the most important thing for the couple is to enjoy the day of their wedding with their loved ones. However the planning goes to the “trip” as well, but not just any trip, it will be one of the most important you will take as a couple.

Knowing you have to much things to do, we are here to help ease your mind on this subject and to let you know the best locations to travel on your honeymoon.


Can you imagine seeing volcanoes, caves, geysers, fjords, glaciers and paradisiacal beaches? Nice! ‘cause you’ll find all of them together, if you’re willing to spend at least 17 days to fully enjoy the wonders that New Zealand has to offer. The first thing to know is that New Zealand is a country made up of two islands, the North and South, and it is recommended to rent a car that helps you moving around the wonderful and amazing places that this country offers.

This trip starts on the North Island where you can visit Auckland, as well as firefly caves, parks with geysers and thermal pools. On the South Island, you will arrive in Queenstown, from where you can discover beautiful valleys, navigate a majestic fjord and reach the Westland National Park, where you will find one of the most spectacular glaciers in the world.

The second part of the trip is already geared towards total relaxation in the Cook Islands. You can either to relax and peacefully enjoy each other’s company on its paradisiac beaches, as well as doing some aquatic activities in this idyllic area of the Pacific.

Another option could be to combine New Zealand with Bora Bora. This is the paradise of the French Polynesia. We recommend staying at an Overwater (spectacular bungalows built on clear waters). Its dream beaches, its beauty, and the fact that massive tourism has not yet reached this paradise, makes Bora Bora an incredible destination.


Another exciting trip, this time to the Asian continent with a duration of 15 days. Sri Lanka, better known as Ceylon, is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. We recommend you start the journey through its economic capital Colombo and from there, discover the rest of this exciting and large island that offers many interesting places, such as ancient Buddhist temples and fortresses, tea and cinnamon plantations, and majestic nature where you can appreciate wild animals and visit one of the few elephant’ sanctuaries existing in the world. You’ll feel as if you were in the English and Dutch colonial times, relaxing in its exotic beaches and enjoy an incredible culinary experience

The second part of the trip will take you to the Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Sri Lanka; paradisiacal beaches with crystalline waters where you can observe a great variety of sea life awaits you.


Would you love to visit the “as seen on the movies” places on the West Coast ? We think you should take this trip with a duration of 19 or 20 days.

The route that we suggest starts in Los Angeles, where we recommend that you rent a car to explore this great city and enjoy one of its most famous beaches, Santa Monica. Along the Pacific coast, you can visit other charming cities such as Santa Bárbara, Monterrey and Carmel, until you reach San Francisco, a city with an important cultural and financial center. Do not forget to ride on one of their famous trams and visit Alcatraz Island (book tickets several weeks in advance).

From San Francisco, we suggest driving east to Yosemite National Park, with majestic rocky granite mountains and lush forests, with its gigantic redwoods.After seeing these spectacular landscapes, you can head to Las Vegas, crossing one of the most famous deserts in USA, Death Valley, that way you’ll be arriving just in time to witness the Great show of lights that Las Vegas has to offer.

In addition to visiting its famous hotels and casinos, we recommend you to spend a day to see the Colorado Canyon, a prodigy of nature that will impress you, and if you go by helicopter, the experience will be spectacular.

From Las Vegas, take the road to Los Angeles (if you want to drive on the mythical Route 66), and end the adventure along the West Coast to start the second part of the trip, towards the Hawaiian Islands.

The trip that we propose begins in Honolulu, the capital of the archipelago, located on the island of Oahu. This modern and lively city contrasts with its peaceful beaches that lies on the north coast.

The next stop will be on the island of Hawaii, named after the archipelago and the largest island, also known as Isla Grande, which contains the most active volcano in the world. Here you can relax on its long beaches and dream surfers can enjoy the best waves in the world. You can also know their customs, their gastronomy, and their kind people.

Do not leave the Hawaiian Islands without visiting Maui, another island of the archipelago; you will be amazed by its spectacular waterfalls, historic district, interesting towns, volcano and vast sea life.


Cancun and the Riviera Maya are worldwide known for the amazing sunny days and we can attest to it, since it’s where our photography studio is based. However, we do have a rainy season, so it will be better to plan this trip before September and after November. Other than that we can assure you that you’ll have a lot of fun and sunny days.

The area it’s also famous for its natural wonders—that sky, those waves, the magical beaches. Despite this is a “new” destination (40 years old) it has a lot of history and heritage. Cancun and the Riviera Maya is the perfect combination of stunning natural settings with top notch housing, world class restaurants, and the rich, puzzling universe of the Mayans.

When you’re done exploring the mystical mayan world, get ready to go underwater and discover a kaleidoscope of tropical ocean species, running from the long and mesmerizing lemon shark, to various uncommon and jeopardized ocean turtles. The natural life spotting doesn’t end at the shore either, make sure you get to the close-by UNESCO biosphere at Sian Ka’an where you’ll have the possibility of seeing some of Mesoamerica’s rarest land animals as well!

Once the night hits, the Riviera Maya is a gastronomic wonder for couples because you will find restaurants with the most romantic scenarios in the world. Beyond the numerous seafood restaurants and steakhouses you’ll also find restaurants that specialize in Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian, French, Yucatecan and even Belgian cuisine, as well as a great deal of AAA Five-Diamond Award winning restaurants.

Don’t forget, this is also a great place for a spectacular “Trash the Dress” photoshoot, so feel free to contact us and let us show you the magical places we have in store for you. Dare to have a lot of fun at one of those incredible beaches, or let yourselves to be surrounded by the mystic and romantic atmosphere of the Cenotes.


Are you ready to enjoy the wonders of Australia and the paradise of the Fiji Islands? We suggest you start this 18-day tour in Sydney where you can visit the historic district of The Rocks and other wonders of the city.

From Sydney, you can fly to the heart of the Australian desert to visit its National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta, a World Heritage Site, considered the Aboriginal spiritual center, where the sacred rock of Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is located.

Do not miss Cairns, a city located in one of the most beautiful tropical forests of the world, from where you can make a mini-cruise sailing on the great barrier reef of Australia, and appreciate an incredible marine diversity and migratory birds.

Another must stop is the city of Melbourne, where you can discover its historical and architectural wealth, as well as a stroll through beautiful gardens, squares, cathedrals, avenues and viewpoints from where you will have a fantastic panoramic view of the city.

The culmination of this passionate trip will be the Fiji Islands. A group of volcanic islands located in the South Pacific. There you can live a few days of luxury paradise on spectacular white sand beaches and crystalline waters, where you can relax and enjoy its underwater magic.

Have you liked the various destinations? We hope that our blog helps you decide where you’ll go on your honeymoon trip and enjoy it to the fullest! Do not forget to have your passports up to date and check if you need an specific Visa before you visit some of these destinations several months in advance.

From all of us at Alive Photo Studio, we wish a very happy honeymoon!